About Mee and Mi
About Mee and Mi

Mee & Mi rose from the horizon with the thought that wherever Nevena and Kahili travelled they took a piece of Summer with them.

The Mee & Mi page is dedicated to All Things Summer. The girls take you on a journey sharing their findings throughout their travels, their connection with the ocean and their desire to chase the sun. A page where two friends can share their knowledge and experiences of travel and health to give you a first hand look into the swimwear world and share with you all of the essentials for your coming Summer.

Growing up in Sydney Australia, Kahili and Nevena’s love of All Things Summer was synonymous with the Australian beach culture.

Both girls spent their youth as dancers, growing up wanting to be prima ballerinas. Kahili and Nevena have always embodied healthy lifestyles, with their love of health and fitness leading them both into modelling – particularly for swimwear, health and lifestyle brands. This was where these two friends first met and where their passion for creating beautiful imagery began. Kahili explains, “We have both been very lucky to work on amazing projects with very talented creatives. After working together on a number of occasions we had such a strong desire to develop our own imagery with our own ideas, looks and feel.”

Nevena and Kahili both continue to travel the world, not just for work with modelling but also for play. The big wide world is seen as one big beautiful adventure filled with countless places to see, cultures to feel apart of and experiences to be had. Nevena shares, “Whenever we reconnect back home in Australia, we find that we both share a huge love for travel and the ocean. We love to exchange our stories and experiences with each other.” The shared love for All Things Summer helped these two girls decide that they wanted to chase the sun together. With their qualifications in beauty and health alongside a strong desire to pursue their creative nature, the foundation for Mee & Mi was created. Kahili comments that “It was the natural progression to document our experiences and share our imagery and knowledge of travel, health and All Things Summer with others”.

This is how Mee & Mi came to life and the pursuit of the Sun began…