The Yacht Week Nothing Like The Real World

April 7, 2016

The image of all of all of the Yachts joined in a circle has us bursting with excitement. Just 4 months ago we were sailing around Thailand with The Yacht Week and we are so excited to jump back on board for another adventure. With summer in the Northern Hemisphere just around the corner the hardest part will be choosing which route to take! For anyone who hasn’t heard about The Yacht Week or what exactly is involved here is everything you need to know.

The Yacht Week brings together people from all over the world for an experience like no other and one that is “Nothing Like the real World”. Get together a crew, or join another crew, the website makes it really easy to connect with the other crews. The Yacht Week provides you with a Skipper who looks after your Yacht and all of the sailing which means all you have to do is enjoy yourself! You can also select to have a host/hostess on board who will cook and clean every day, which really means you are left with nothing to do but enjoy the sailing adventure!

Each day you sail to a new destination with new activities like yoga, beach volleyball and snorkeling, just to name a few! The Yacht Week endeavors to keep an even number of guys and girls on board and across all of the Yachts to keep the ratio equal. There are nightly events at each spot too with official The Yacht Week DJ’s serving you up the best tunes so you can dance all night and get to know all of the other crews!

So with that said the hardest part is choosing which route you will take. With summer in the Northern Hemisphere fast approaching here are the available options for June/July/August 2016. If you are planning a trip to any of these countries a sailing adventure is by far the best way to see the coastline! For any first timers it’s also the best way to see so many different places in the one country in a 7 day period.

British Virgin Isles

Don’t forget if you can’t get over for European Summer you can always check out The Yacht Week Thailand in December January 15/16. This was the event we took part in, in December 2015 and boy was it amazing! Check out the latest video by The Yacht Week of our time on board and see for yourself just what they have instore for you!

Our Tips for The Yacht Week to ensure you have the BEST WEEK POSSIBLE!

1. Floating Devices – If the image of all of the Yachts joined in a circle didn’t inspire you to bring something that floats, we strongly advise that this is something essential! Cruise on out in the raft circle on your floaty and visit you friends on board the other yachts.
2. Dry Bag – As you spend most of your time on water a dry bag is the best thing ever to ensure you keep all of your camera gear and phones safe while going from the yacht to land.
3. Snorkelling Gear – With some of the clearest waters and vivid underwater life snorkelling gear is a must! A pair of fins and snorkels is all you need to make sure you have the best time!
4. What to pack? – Keep it simple, don’t bring too much you will end up wearing the comfiest clothing you have brought. Swimwear is a must, a white outfit for the white party and a fun costume for the Sailing Regatta.
5. The Yacht Week App – This is a MUST! Keep up to date with everything you need to know for your event.

Now comes the hard part choosing your destination! With so many routes available this is potentially the hardest decision. Whatever you decide we can guarantee you will have the time of your life and experience an adventure that is ‘Nothing Like The Real World’.

Let us know in the comments below which route you are thinking of taking? Or if you have been on any what TYW Adventures what you thought? We would love to hear from you.

Happy Sailing Everyone

– Mee & Mi X


Images & Video Courtesy of The Yacht Week

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